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Namiir Design is a vehicle design consultancy that specialises in creating technically innovative, unique, and user-friendly designs. Our award-winning vehicle designer Nir Kahn has over 25 years of experience in creating lightweight and safe vehicles for production. Explore our gallery of work and see how Namiir Design can help to make your vehicles stand out and succeed.

Decades of Successful Vehicle Designs

About Namiir Design

Namiir Design is a vehicle design consultancy founded by award-winning vehicle designer Nir Kahn. With over 25 years of experience, Kahn specialises in designing niche vehicles for production. The consultancy offers a customised approach to client collaboration and working together to design vehicles for the automotive industry, with the ability to integrate with manufacturers' own design and engineering teams. Nir Kahn's portfolio includes world-leading vehicles designed for composite materials and prioritising user experience and ergonomics, alongside manufacturability and modularity with a distinctive aesthetic touch. After well over 20 years leading vehicle design at Plasan where he was responsible for many successful ground-breaking designs in use around the world, Kahn is now available for consultation at all stages of a project, from concept generation, through vehicle design & engineering, to production.

Namiir Design provides professional design services to clients in the automotive and military industries. We apply creative and technically grounded thinking and our unique aesthetic style to help expand and focus your automotive products for success in the global market. Whether your company is big or small, and wherever it is located, we can find an appropriate way to collaborate for the success of your next product. Get in touch to discuss and find out more about what we can do together.

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Nir Kahn with the Plasan Wilder ultralight armoured vehicle

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